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Capstone Project Day 17

This is our last night of trapping. It could not have gone better. Yamile showed up again with all of her friends. Juan Jo and I got to talk to them again about our project and why it’s important. Maybe they don’t really care about biology or malaria or mosquitoes. But I feel we’re showing them how there are different paths to take in life. They don’t have to be fishermen and women. Maybe if they get lucky they can attend college.

Juan Jo leaned over and said he doesn’t like to be around kids. I think that’s a lie. He spent $15 tonight buying all the kids frozen yogurts. I gave them all the rest of my cookies and lollipops. The kids taught us some words in Awa. That’s a language I’m told is spoken by people in this region.

I told Yamile and the girls this was going to be our last night. They gave me a big hug before going to bed. They’ve been calling me Dennis no matter how much I say it’s just Dan. They also are convinced Allison and I are getting married no matter how I tell them my novia is back in the US. Great kids. I’m so lucky to know them.

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